Walleye Dinner at Joe Roots

Nothing like a hearty walleye dinner from the Great Lakes. These delicious monsters catch best just at, or after dark as they migrate to murky shallows around six-feet-deep. They have good instincts and excellent sight, so if you’re casting a line, you ought to know how they are. Feisty and delicious, they’re an angler’s dream known for their silvery eyes and fine-textured meat. You can brave the adventure like this guy did, or come down to Joe Roots for a no-frills good time.

Walleye Favorites

Lake Erie Walleye: Thick fresh walleye prepared just the way you like, (including broiled, fried, cajun, blackened and au grautin) served with lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce or choose from extras.

Fisherman’s Platter: Lake Erie perch and walleye, hand-breaded and deep-fried, served with our very own homemade tartar sauce.

Walleye Nuggets: Scrumptious bites of walleye, fried and coated in our homemade three-breading blend.

Fresh walleye dinners are as old as the hills and have been enjoyed here since before recorded history. Mosey on down to our spot off the bay and share in this Great Lakes treasure. Bring your crew, grab a brew, and a sunset view and we’ll have us a grand ole time. We appreciate the land and its rich, nutritious gifts, as we revel in the spirit of The Isle. Cheers!

Walleye facts:

  • Walleye are the biggest member of the perch family and have sharp pointed teeth and fins
  • Baby walleye are called “fries”
  • They’re named for their silvery outward-pointed eyes that appear to be looking at the walls