Delicious shrimp specials daily at Joe Roots!

Lets admit it, shrimp is awesome! You can have it anytime with anything. There’s always shrimp specials at Joe Roots that you are sure to love. Now I know I’m not the only one when I think of shrimp I think of this famous scene! Although we may not have all of that, I’m pretty sure if you come to Presque Isle and stop by we may be pretty close!

Shrimp is abundant at Joe Roots!

Ok, now as your reading just some of the things we have to offer, try to finish before you get in your car and start heading this way. For appetizers we have our grilled shrimp. Six shrimp, skewered and grilled with butter and seasoning. Served with our homemade cocktail sauce. We also have shrimp cocktail, six jumbo shrimp served also served with our homemade cocktail sauce.  For lunch we also have several options to choose from, you can try our lunch shrimp that are hand-breaded and fried, grilled, coconut or scampi style, or a light shrimp salad. Dinner also offers many varieties like our shrimp scampi, which includes eight large shrimp broiled in our garlic butter and wine sauce. Or if your feeling more adventurous (and hungry!) you can indulge in our lobster, shrimp and scallop feast. This amazing meal includes, shrimp, scallops and langostinos  served broiled in garlic butter and wine sauce and accompanied with a lobster tail. I could go on and on about all the delicious things we have to offer but it would never end! You can check out the menu here, or better yet come to  2826 West 8th Street and see and taste for yourself!!

Shrimp Specials