Shrimp lover’s dream

Let’s be honest, dreaming and shrimp may not be a common occurrence. Not something per say you see in the same sentence. For most of us a dream is hitting powerball, vacationing at a tropical island, or beating that pesky level in candy crush. Maybe daydreaming about that certain someone that you can’t get your mind off of or finally telling your boss to shove it and walking out.  These are normal things that come to your mind when you think of the word dream.

But for some of us this makes perfect sense, the true seafood fanatic.  The seafood lover that loves seafood more than any other type of food there is.  The one’s with cocktail sauce flowing through their veins and that cry tartar sauce. Those who have watched this scene in Forrest Gump over and over just for the seafood references. Well guess what friend your in luck because Joe Roots Grill is the restaurant for you!

The possibilities are endless!

Many patrons have had the frustration of coming into Joe Roots and being overwhelmed with the selection of seafood options we carry on our menu. Calm down friend, there’s no rush. You can even start with an appetizer such as our grilled jumbo shrimp cocktail to get you back on track to your ultimate seafood bliss. Maybe start off with something light such as our shrimp salad, topped with a lightly seasoned and grilled skewer. Or you can jump right in to our shrimp dinner. This delicious dinner has eight jumbo shrimp distinctively hand prepared in house. Served over homemade rice pilaf hand prepared the way you want either grilled, fried, coconut or shrimp scampi. So what are you waiting for? For the best seafood Erie has to offer, come on down to the corner of 8th and Peninsula today and make this dream a reality.