Seafood Restaurant Erie

The best seafood restaurant Erie has is clearly Joe Roots Grill! This is not a question, something to debate like politics or sports, this is a known fact throughout our community. We’ve been a family favorite for years, serving the best seafood, at the best prices, with the best atmosphere in town! You already know we carry the best seafood Erie has to offer, so the choice is obvious when it comes to planning your next dining experience.

We stand apart from the rest!

What makes Joe Roots Grill better then those other restaurants? Where do I start! Maybe the endless shrimp combinations that we offer. If you love shrimp then it would be crazy not to see our menu of all the ways you can indulge on shrimp! From shrimp salad to shrimp scampi and pretty much everything in between, we are pretty much a shrimp lover’s paradise. We also carry some of the best lobster Erie has as well. A favorite among our patrons is our Lobster Bisque and our Lobster Alfredo. Just two of our exquisite lobster meals that we carry daily. There’s truly something for everyone at Joe Roots Grill to satisfy that seafood lover in you.

Make your next meal your best meal

So the next time you have that longing for seafood that just cannot be craved by any restaurant you know where your destination lies. Mark your map, (do people still use maps?) set your GPS, ask a friend, just make sure you make it to the corner of 8th and Peninsula. Our friendly staff will be there to welcome you and fulfill that seafood void that you’ve been missing. Whether it’s lunch or dinner, anytime is a great time to enjoy a great meal at Joe Roots Grill. See ya there!