Lobster Restaurant

The best lobster restaurant in Erie is Joe Root’s Grill. Our reputation speaks for itself. We have been Erie’s choice for seafood for years now, providing great food at lower prices than the chain restaurants. Joe Root’s Grill has been a staple of the community since 1999. There’s a pretty good chance that we are already your favorite restaurant. If we haven’t claimed that title yet then there’s a good chance you haven’t experienced our amazing menu yet. Ask around and see what people say when you inquire about who their favorite lobster restaurant is. Our money is on that they will say Joe Root’s Grill.

The Joe Root’s Difference

What sets Joe Roots apart from the rest? Could it be our amazing location? The corner of west 8th and Peninsula surely beats that hectic traffic on upper peach. Or maybe it’s our friendly service and warm pleasant atmosphere. We truly try to provide an authentic Presque Isle experience for your dining pleasure. It could be our amazing lunch and dinner specials. Joe Root’s Grill has some amazing specials daily, not to mention the best happy hour in town! Pretty sure it’s a combination of all these things! Don’t forget we have the best seafood in the area as well.

Stop by for lobster today!

So if you’re in the mood for some exquisite lobster, stop by Joe Root’s today. Start with one of our delicious appetizers like our lobster stuffed mushrooms. Mushroom caps stuffed with our special deviled lobster mix, broiled in garlic butter and white wine, topped with melted cheese. The options are endless when it comes to dinner with several combinations of lobster delight for your palette. Pasta lover? Try our lobster alfredo.¬†Tender and sweet Chilean langoustines, fresh saut√©ed mushrooms and linguine tossed in our light and creamy alfredo sauce. These are just some of the options that we have to offer. We don’t want to give our entire menu away, stop by today and experience it for yourself!