Happy Hour Near Me

Whenever I am looking for a Happy Hour near me, I look for an establishment that has great specials, a fun environment, top quality drinks, and delicious food. Are you looking for a great spot to meet up with your favorite people for happy hour? If so, come on down to Joe Roots!

Daily Specials

We have amazing specials daily.


The beginning of the week is torture! Once 5:00 hits Monday-Wednesday Joe Roots can help you forget how far away the weekend is with Half Off Appetizers until 8:00.


Thursday is a day to celebrate! You have practically made it through the whole week.  Go You! You shouldn’t have to cook nor should anyone tell you how much shrimp you can have. You have been following orders for four whole days now. Live on the edge and eat shrimp until you simply can’t fit another bite! Joe Roots can help you do this with all you can eat shrimp from 5-9

Friday and Saturday

Friday and Saturday! The 2 days of the week where your future looks promising. You can kick back and take some time for you. Gather up your friends and treat yourself to a celebratory dinner. You didn’t get arrested and you are still employed. I call that a job well done! Come on down to Joe Roots after 5:00 and reward yourself with your choice of and 8 oz prime rib and lobster tail or 1/2 # of crab legs for just $24.99!


Sunday is that bitter sweet day. It is a day of rest and relaxation. But, the whole day you know that your time is limited. Tomorrow you have to go back and do it all over again. We can help you enjoy your last moments of freedom. At Joe Roots Grill you can get a USDA Sirloin with a side and a beer for just $11.99. How perfect is that!

So, no matter what day it is head on over to Joe Roots after a long day and make the most of your time away from work.