Happy Hour’s always a hit at Joe Roots!

Sometimes you need a good happy hour after a long day. You’re tired and stressed. Traffic’s a bear. Those clowns at work that grate on your nerves have been smushing their shiny red noses into your business all week. The coffee-stain on your pants that has been there since this morning, has dulled and lightened, but is still just an eyesore and a pain. Those hooligan seagulls that frequent the lot, left some big, splotchy presents on your windshield. Ugh. Calm your nerves. You have options, friend. There is more to this day than stale jellied leftovers and that even-staler Netflix lineup that awaits you at home. The time has come for Happy Hour friend. It calls like the sweet winds of Presque Isle Bay. Yes, Happy Hour, the time when you loosen your collar, and bang a shot for each of those fluffy-collared bozos. Yes, Happy Hour, where new faces and familiar voices are both welcome delights as the evening sets. Happy Hour, where the appetizers are as warm, fresh and crisp, and the drinks hit the spot. A quarter as cheap.

Don’t look so bashful, you’ve earned it friend. Your fun license came valid with your pulse. Shake-off the blues and pull up a chair. Revel in the spirit of the Isle. Our special at Joe Roots runs Monday through Saturday from five to seven pm and features half-off appetizers and 25-percent of everything at the bar. Revel in the spirit of the Isle. If you have any questions, give us a call. Or better yet visit our website. We’ll be waiting for you!