Fresh Seafood

You cannot have an outstanding seafood dish if that dish is made with sub-par ingredients. Joe Roots Grill has the best seafood dishes in Erie. The secret to our delicious seafood dishes is our use of quality ingredients! consistently using fresh seafood guarantees that each bite is an unforgettable seaside experience.


Even fresh seafood can miss the mark if it is not properly prepared. Luckily Joe Roots has perfectly balanced seafood dishes that produce rave reviews! There are seafood dishes available for even the pickiest of eaters. Try starting with lobster bisque or a Crab Stuffed Portabello Mushroom as an appetizer. After that try our Lobster Crusted Cod or Swordfish as the main course. If these dishes don’t satisfy your palate, don’t worry! We have a variety of dishes available. From soups and salads to steaks and crab, there is always something fresh and delicious that you will enjoy.

Why Go Anywhere Else??

With an option of Joe Roots Grill located only minutes from Presque Isle, why would you go anywhere else for a seafood dish?!?! Joe Roots offers outstanding customer service that is also a reasonable price. Even more importantly Joe Roots uses quality fresh ingredients in their seafood dishes. There is great care taken in making sure all of the seafood used in the dishes is as fresh as possible. Some other restaurants may skimp on this step. They might offer up ingredients that are cheaper and older. Not at Joe Roots. At Joe Root’s you can be sure you will be delighted with your meal. So, why gamble with the quality of your meal by going anywhere else? Guarantee a great meal by choosing Joe Roots tonight.

Come Visit

Grab your coworkers then head to Joe Roots for a superior lunch.  Later, gather your friends and family for a seafood dinner that is out of this world. Take a look at our menu and see for yourself just how extensive and creative it is. Joe Roots has something for everyone, so; don’t forget to bring the kids along. Take a look at our kid’s menu before you head out! Prices start at just $3.29. We look forward to serving you soon.