The best seafood Erie has to offer is at Joe Roots Grill!

Is this a question? We all know the best seafood Erie has to offer is right on the corner of 8th and Peninsula. But go ahead, ask around. Maybe your family, a friend, the regular at your local convenience store when you get your morning cup of coffee. They will all tell you the same thing, Joe Roots Grill. Still haven’t found your way to the great atmosphere and delicious menu that we have to offer? It’s ok, we understand, sometimes people are bound to routine. You find yourself in the familiar hustle and bustle of the upper peach street with the shopping and the chain restaurants, we get it. But why not break the routine, treat yourself, after all you’ve earned it. You’ve earned the right to enjoy a dining experience unlike any other, and that my friend is at Joe Roots Grill!

The seafood options are endless!

There are so many delicious seafood items on our menu that you may have to take a minute just to take it all in. I suppose endless is sort of an exaggeration as that would mean they’re limitless, but it’s pretty darn close. Whether your stopping by on your lunch break or bringing the family for dinner, there’s something for every seafood lover on our menu. From classic favorites like shrimp, to those unique delicacies, there is something for everyone’s palette. We already know that the best lobster Erie has to offer is at Joe roots, but there’s so much more! I would start to go into some of our delicious menu items, but where is the fun in that? If you truly can’t wait, you can always check out our menu. Or if you prefer, you can also check out some of our past commercials on YouTube. The choice is yours, which is what makes us different, choices. So break up that routine and come on down to 2826 west 8th street. You’ll be happy that you did.