Best Seafood Dishes

The best seafood dishes are at Joe Root’s Grill! If you’ve ever dined in our restaurant there’s a good chance you already know this. With the best shrimp, lobster, perch, and walleye, it’s easy to see that we have the best seafood dishes in the area. Seafood specials are in abundance at Joe Root’s Grill. Our seafood is lower than those expensive chain restaurants, and at a convenient location too. There’s no need to fight that hectic Peach Street traffic stopping light to light when you can come on down to the corner of 8th and Peninsula. A great atmosphere, great menu, and even better prices make Joe Root’s Grill the obvious choice for your next meal.

Joe Root’s Grill is always a family favorite!

Here at Joe Root’s Grill, we pride ourselves in providing the best experience for our customers. As a result, we’ve grown to become a family favorite for families throughout the area. We are blessed to have Presque Isle state park right in our back yards. With this location, it’s hard to miss us since there’s a good chance you enjoy some of the many festivities the park has to offer. After a long day spent on the lake, it tends to stir up your appetite. Treat those hunger pains with a delicious meal that only Joe Root’s Grill can provide.

We have seafood for lunch or dinner

If you’re a seafood lover it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, you want your seafood! Good news friends, Joe Root’s has an abundance of seafood for lunch or dinner. From Alaskan Whitefish sandwich for lunch to our delicious Flagship Niagara Platter for dinner. We also carry soups and appetizers as well to hold you over until your meal comes. If you’d like to see our complete menu you can visit our website today. See you soon!