For the best perch Erie has to offer, come on down to Joe Roots Grill!

The best perch Erie has to offer is clearly at Joe Roots Grill. We’ve got the best there is in our own back yard, and you’re screwy if  you don’t come get you a piece. Live right by the lake and don’t eat the perch? That’s like living in Wisconsin and not trying the cheese. Who goes to Chicago and skips the deep-dish pizza? Or rolls through Philly and passes on the ultimate cheesesteak? No, sweet cheeks. Just, no. Uh-uh. We’re Great Lakes folk and we’ve got good catch. Snag as many as you can before the next Ice Age. I’m sure Tyrannosaurus Rex would have eaten perch too, but those teeny little arms are just no good for fishing. Thank goodness for paws with the five working digits. It’s the right place and time and we’ve got limbs and hands. It’d be different if the perch wasn’t so darn good. They’ve got that smooth delicious flavor and the texture’s just right. They’re just plain good eating, through and through.

Now of course you can’t have your perch served up just any ol way. No sir, that won’t do. You have to have it prepared just right, the way you like it. Well that’s where we come in friend. We’ve been doing this a long time and it’s kind of our specialty. Ask around town and you will find that the best seafood Erie has to offer is at the corner of 8th and Peninsula. We’re not a chain restaurant that isn’t familiar with the community and the culture, we are local just like you. At Joe Root’s Grill we offer better quality and lower prices those chain restaurants. So what are you waiting for friend? Satisfy that craving and enjoy the best perch Erie has, right here at Joe Roots Grill!